Java/XML/Android Studio, Accent based vocabulary builder – Vopio (Former Startup): My most complex project to date, called Audios (former Vopio), let’s you to record the last 30 seconds and capture new words. It taught me a lot about Java, debugging, user experience, and various aspects of the Android Studio environment. You can […]

Java (5 apps)

A simple internship simulator for Windows. Developed as the final project for my game programming class at Oakland Community College. It’s on GitHub:

C# / Unity3D (1 game)

Click here! – Simple website made from scratch (Notepad++) for my web design class.

HTML/CSS (1 website)

Pebble Smartwatch App: Guitar-Hero-based keyboard (code only)

C/C++ (1 app)

Picture: From left to right: Rodrigo, Jeff, Spencer, Adil, Rob (reporter) Twitch TV interviewed my team for MLH Prime (Major League of Hacking’s official hackathon) Interview duration: 10 minutes It was a Saturday afternoon (August 6, 2016), and we had 24 hours to build something at the MLH Prime hackathon. Whenever I go […]

Excelling in Team Work

This post’s picture was taken in the Spring of 2014. The guy in gray suit (Jorge), Suvro (hiding somewhere in that picture), and I (black suit) won the best team award from Lawrence Technological University’s Customer to Cash program. We learned a great deal about marketing, customer discovery, and data […]

+100 customer discovery interviews