Excelling in Team Work

Picture: From left to right: Rodrigo, Jeff, Spencer, Adil, Rob (reporter)

Twitch TV interviewed my team for MLH Prime (Major League of Hacking’s official hackathon)
Interview duration: 10 minutes

It was a Saturday afternoon (August 6, 2016), and we had 24 hours to build something at the MLH Prime hackathon. Whenever I go to hackathons, I usually team up with someone to help me work on my own projects / ideas. This time, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and join strangers and help them build their own stuff. The other team members were good, really good, at their stuff (JavaScript and C#) and I was trying my best to catch up so I learned a lot about how it might feel like to work as an intern and have strict deadlines to meet with very limited  resources. I also learned a great deal from the Viacom engineers about what to expect from your first internship. They emphasized the importance of documenting our projects so that we have solid information to share during interviews. One thing that stood out to me was the importance of Unit Testing in software development. Viacom’s Senior Vice President of Engineering recommended us to use Junit in Android App projects. Our team ended up in the top 10 among 400 competitors.