Java (5 apps)

Java/XML/Android Studio, Accent based vocabulary builder – Vopio (Former Startup):

My most complex project to date, called Audios (former Vopio), let’s you to record the last 30 seconds and capture new words. It taught me a lot about Java, debugging, user experience, and various aspects of the Android Studio environment. You can get it from Google Play.

Fragments, Preferences, Services, Notifications, Custom Broadcast Receivers, AppCompat, Constraint Layout, Firebase (RTD, Auth, File Storage, Remote Config), Custom Styles, Media Recorder, Media Parser, Threads, Asynchronous Tasks

Java/XML/Android Studio, Home Automation – School Project (code available upon request):

SQLite, Fragments, AppCompat, SAX

Java/NetBeans, Detroit Tigers Ticket Ordering System – School Project:

JRadioButton, JLabel, JComboBox, JList, JScrollPane, Event Listeners, Array Lists

Java/jGrasp (manual editor), Guess the number game – School Project:

JButton, JLabel, JTextField, Math.random

Java/jGrasp, Encryptor – School Project:

JOptionPane, JTextField, File IO, Custom algorithm