+100 customer discovery interviews

This post’s picture was taken in the Spring of 2014. The guy in gray suit (Jorge), Suvro (hiding somewhere in that picture), and I (black suit) won the best team award from Lawrence Technological University’s Customer to Cash program. We learned a great deal about marketing, customer discovery, and data driven business decision (talk about big data!) I have enough information about this project to make a whole new website just about it, so if you are interested, call me!

This project resulted in:

  • 70-page report based on +100 potential customer interviews.
  • About 20 iterations of power point presentations (different presentations for different audiences).
  • At least 2 promotional videos for different venues (Kickstarter and Intel’s Make It Wearable competition).
  • An invitation to talk about entrepreneurship to high school students.
  • More stuff that I forgot.
  • Android app (click here to download it).
  • Most importantly: a desire for more!